Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

The original Scout camera strap model is no more!  The last batch just left the building.  And you can bet that denim-clad butt of yours we knocked out a goodbye photo shoot before it was gone.

You wouldn't believe how much work could possibly go into perfecting a strip of leather.  A lot!  We never set out to reinvent the wheel here at Hallett Peak.  We chip away at the details until we have it just the way we want.  Here are a few things we did to improve upon the original strap to produce the Scout 2.0:

• Slightly thinner leather for a lighter, more comfortable fit and feel.

• Standard length is now five inches longer to allow the strap to be worn as a side sling.

• Underside edges are rounded and sanded for a smooth, comfortable feel.

• We completely ditched the ring attachment and replaced it with a quick-release swivel hook.

• We hired an in-house wizard to cast anti-gravity spells on each strap to guarantee your camera is always safe and secure.  In other words, we've got some legit quality control.  It's nothing new, but we like to brag.  

Ditch that nylon fanny pack of a camera strap you're using and get a Scout Two Point OHHHHHH!!

A Scout in the Wilderness

I haven't always been the wilderness enthusiast I am today.  When I was a kid, it freaked me out!  In my mind, it was a wild place where cougars lived and angry deer with giant antlers lurked the forest.  The fear was legit, but I was always excited to be there.  For the same reasons I feared it as a kid, I love it as an adult.  Not cougars and deer, but the excitement.  Nature is a powerful thing.  It has a way of fixing things.  Attitudes, stress, relationships, perspective - It's a cure all.  I've always been drawn to it.  Probably now more than ever.  Adulting is busy work though.  I don't hike, camp or backpack nearly as often as I want to, but I do bring that feeling back every time I return from a trip.  It carries over into our work here at Hallett Peak Trading Co.  

Everybody likes good gear.  Good gear gets the job done.  I believe great gear does its job and inspires us to explore and create.  If I had it my way, everything I own would carry the same vibe and the same feels I get from backpacking in the Rockies or road-tripping through the American Southwest.  That was my goal for Hallett Peak.  As a photographer, I find this to be most evident in the camera straps we've designed.  I wanted them to be rugged, elegant and simplistic all rolled into a single cut of soft, indestructible material.  

Premium Leather

Premium Leather

Minimalist gear is all about the details.  That's why minimalist gear is the bees flippin knees.  I don't expect everyone to get it.  To some people, this thing is just a strip of leather.  For our audience, it's the last camera strap you'll ever need.  Either way, we call it the Scout.  You may not pick up on this through the text, but I've pretty much gone total fanboy about my own goods over here.  Whether I sell a million or I never sell another one, I can definitely say this is a piece of equipment I'll never leave home without.  My personal strap is the black one in the pictures below.  That two-tone black got da feels!  Check it out.

Before I understood the value of high quality goods, I didn't even use cameras straps.  Now some of my cameras live at the bottom of the ocean.  True story.  Protect your gear.


•7-9oz premium vegetable tanned leather.

•Individually hand-cut, beveled, sanded, and stained with high grade oil dyes. 

•Brown, Black, Tan, and Natural.

•American made brass hardware.

•Fits and supports all cameras with standard lug mounts.  That includes most DSLR, mirrorless, and film SLR cameras.  

•Standard length is 40".  Custom lengths available at no extra charge.  

Field Journals on the Run!!

We couldn't be more excited about the response we've been getting on our new line of Field Journals.  A big thanks to everyone who's picked one up!  We were stoked to introduce them, but even more so to see them take off they way they have.  We're looking forward to putting more out there. 

Shop Small Saturday!!

If you're reading this, you survived Black Friday!  Today is Shop Small Saturday, and Cyber Monday is only two days away.  We're keeping our first-ever sale rolling all weekend long.  Check out the PRODUCTS page for 20% off of everything in the store!  Leather wallets, belts, camera straps, journals and more at the lowest prices we've ever offered.  

Black Friday!!

We're jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon this year with a whole new line of products!  Everything is 20% off from 5am Friday through Cyber Monday!  

Happy Birthday America!! It's a good day to launch.

July fourth is hands down, one of the best days of the year.  It's the birthday of the raddest country on Earth.  It's my best friend Nick's wedding anniversary.  And now, the launch day of Hallett Peak Trading Company.  We have liftoff!

  Happy anniversary, Nick & Skye!

 Happy Birthday, America!  

And Happy launch day, HALLETT PEAK!!