Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

The original Scout camera strap model is no more!  The last batch just left the building.  And you can bet that denim-clad butt of yours we knocked out a goodbye photo shoot before it was gone.

You wouldn't believe how much work could possibly go into perfecting a strip of leather.  A lot!  We never set out to reinvent the wheel here at Hallett Peak.  We chip away at the details until we have it just the way we want.  Here are a few things we did to improve upon the original strap to produce the Scout 2.0:

• Slightly thinner leather for a lighter, more comfortable fit and feel.

• Standard length is now five inches longer to allow the strap to be worn as a side sling.

• Underside edges are rounded and sanded for a smooth, comfortable feel.

• We completely ditched the ring attachment and replaced it with a quick-release swivel hook.

• We hired an in-house wizard to cast anti-gravity spells on each strap to guarantee your camera is always safe and secure.  In other words, we've got some legit quality control.  It's nothing new, but we like to brag.  

Ditch that nylon fanny pack of a camera strap you're using and get a Scout Two Point OHHHHHH!!